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Unlock Higher Profits with
Little Pink Houses of America's
PINK Lease Purchase Program!

Revolutionize Your Real Estate Sale: Maximize Profits, Minimize Hassle, and Gain Unparalleled Market Advantage!

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Our 3 Step Process Is Fast and Simple

A Lease Purchase With Little Pink Houses of America Makes it Easy to Sell Your House for More than a Traditional Sale!
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Here at Little Pink Houses of America™, we have ample flexibility and deliver you options when selling your home. 

Our most profitable option is our Executive Pink Lease Purchase Program®. If you're looking to maximize the profit on the sale of your home, then this lucrative sale strategy might be right for you! The average home sold utilizing our Executive Lease Purchase Program® generates a profit of 10-15% over a traditional sale.

Are You Interested in Selling?

If you’re considering selling your home or you’ve currently got your home for sale, we thought you should know that there is another viable option to a traditional listing. Depending on your situation, this other option could put a lot more money in your pocket. The fact is, it’s no easy task to sell your house. A lot of work goes into it: finding the right Realtor, staging, open houses, multiple showings, offers & counter-offers, and a lot of stress can happen too: nitpicky buyers, a long list of repairs (both before inspections and more after the inspections), an unstable real estate market, not to mention the time and cost that goes into the sale of a house.


The average listing commission today is 6%, and every buyer expects you’ll pay closing costs. Since you’re the one selling, if you want to consummate the sale, you will likely have to concede to paying a portion of the buyer’s closing costs. And that’s typically an additional 3%. So pair that with price reductions, selling fees, commissions, and paying the buyer’s closing costs, you’re losing out on quite a bit of money.


On top of that, thanks to the “mortgage meltdown” and subsequent government regulations, getting a mortgage can be tough. Statistically, 80% of Americans cannot walk into a bank today and qualify for a loan, and most people can’t just put down 20% in cash for a down payment.


Even well-qualified buyers are turned down for financing all the time, and seemingly iron-clad offers fall through last minute due to funding issues more than any other reason. Seasoning requirements are often measured in years, not months. To sum it up, selling a house in today’s market can be quite challenging.


At Little Pink Houses of America, we’ve developed a proprietary sales plan, tailored for you that can sell your house fast and for more money. Typically we can give full retail value or close-to-full retail value but at a fraction of the cost (and time) of selling traditionally. This is made possible by selling your home through our Executive Lease Purchase Program!


If you can be flexible and can invest some time into your house, we may very well be able to maximize your return and move you forward towards your next chapter.


We are a Real Estate Investment Firm specializing in Executive Level Owner Financing and Lease Purchase Sales. What makes us unique is that we will structure the sale agreement to buy your house from Day One, with your terms, your conditions, and your needs fully realized.


Selling your home on a Lease Purchase or with Owner Financing means you’ll be getting monthly cash flow, all maintenance/repair & upkeep taken care of, and we always pay fair market value for the home today. It’s a structured agreement to sell your house and in many cases, requires only a brief period before you are fully paid off.


So why is this better than the traditional sales route? If you list your home on the MLS and take an offer from a buyer, then add up all the costs involved in selling your house, you’re looking to lose 10-15% or more than you would working with us – using a short-term payment scale.

In today's competitive real estate market, finding innovative solutions is key to a successful sale. Little Pink Houses of America introduces a creative way to sell your home through our exclusive

PINK Lease Purchase Program.


Our program is designed to benefit both sellers and buyers, ensuring a seamless transaction that maximizes your profits and minimizes any potential hassle.


Here Are the Benefits You Receive As the Seller:

  1. Maximize Your Profit: With our PINK Lease Purchase Program, sellers often enjoy 10-15% higher returns compared to traditional sales. We'll guide you through the process to help you make the most out of your valuable asset.

  2. Thorough Due Diligence: Each buyer in our program undergoes a comprehensive due diligence process conducted by a reputable third-party national lender. This ensures that you're dealing with qualified buyers committed to the transaction.

  3. Flexible Terms: The terms of the deal, typically ranging from 6 to 18 months, are determined by the lender. This flexibility allows us to match your property with a buyer who aligns with your timeline.

  4. Retain Ownership: Rest easy knowing that the title to your home remains in your name throughout the lease period, providing you with security and peace of mind.

  5. No Landlording Responsibilities: After the initial 30 days of occupancy, all repairs, upkeep, and ongoing maintenance become the buyer's sole responsibility. Say goodbye to the headaches of being a landlord.

  6. Effortless Collection Process: We partner with a trusted third-party escrow servicing company to handle all payment collections. This ensures you receive your funds on time, every month, without any hassle.

  7. Substantial Non-Refundable Down Payment: Every home we sell under our program requires a meaningful down payment, providing you with an added layer of financial security.

  8. Exclusive Marketing Advantage: Benefit from our marketing exclusivity, giving your property the attention it deserves. While exceptions can be made, you have the power to choose how your property is marketed.

  9. Full Approval Rights: You have the final say on all offers, putting you in control of the transaction.

  10. Increase Your Net Profit: Monthly payments made during the term are typically not credited off the sale price. This means that your cash flow and mortgage amortization accumulate on top of the agreed-upon offer, resulting in a higher net profit for you.

  11. Potential for Full Price Offers: Our buyers are often in a position where they are ready to make a competitive offer. While some negotiation may occur, our program typically leads to full-price or near-full-price offers.

Discover the power of creative real estate finance with Little Pink Houses of America. Sell your home the innovative way and unlock the full potential of your property. Contact us today to get started!


Business Owner
Step 1

Call or request an offer online, it's fast and easy

We have an easy process to connect with us and just tell us about your home and we will tell you about our program and see if we are a good fit for one another.

Buying a House
Step 2

Meet with us at your home

We are old-fashion, we like to meet our clients face-to-face and make sure we have a good connection. This is start of an important relationship and you never get a second chance at a first impression.

Keys To The New Place
Step 3

Agreement and Marketing

We use simple and easy-to-follow agreements. Once we come to an agreement it is time to hit the ground running and kick start our world class marketing systems! 

Maybe You Need You Cash Now

If you can't afford to invest time into the Sale of your home, don't worry! Little Pink Houses of America™ has solutions for you. 


We offer a conventional sale program that helps you sell your home for sale by owner, saving you all the commissions and headaches of listing your home with a Realtor. 

Skip all the trouble of marketing your home, taking calls from agents, investors, and would-be buyers, and never worry about the contracts needed to handle your Sale or the negotiations. PINK is your solution to all those worries. 

If this sounds like a solution you are interested in, please fill out the FAIR OFFER form below, and we will review your home and develop the best sale options for you. 

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